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Gender Consultant

Girl Child Rights Temporário  Zambezia, Moçambique 15 jun 2017

Descrição da Vaga de Emprego

Girl Child Rights-GCR a sub-grantee of ADPP Mozambique is implementing NIKHALAMO project in Namacurra district of Zambezia province to contribute to improve the life chances of poor rural girls through increased educational opportunities.  This project is funded by USAID under the Award AID-656-A-14-00008.  GCR is responsible for implementing result whose main focus is geared towards improving the quality of girls’ life so that high-quality learning outcomes will be achieved.  GCR is therefore responsible for actions towards promoting a gender responsive environment in primary and secondary schools through providing technical support and assistance to Nikhalamo Project. The technical support envisages facilitating gender responsive pedagogy, promote gender equality and mainstreaming, as well as the prevention of Gender Based Violence in the project target areas.


  • The objective of this Term of Reference (ToR) is to request proposals from qualified consultants with proven background in developing training materials on gender equality programming to provide specific technical support to improve the gender interventions in Nikhalamo project.  This will entail reviewing existing gender materials (teacher counsellors’ training manual, School Council representatives training manual, Girl Education Promoters’ gender norms guidelines and any other gender related material.  The consultancy will consolidate this material and develop a standardized curriculum of training material for the various entities drawing from material that have been developed to strengthen gender equality programming.   The interested consultant (s) will also develop tools and instruments for use by teachers, students,  members of school council and community members.

Key Tasks

  • Review existing Nikhalamo gender norms session guidelines, teacher counsellors and school council representatives gender training manuals and other gender related material produced by GCR;
  • Based on key findings:
  • Develop  comprehensive training curriculum for Teacher Counsellors, School council members and students (girls and boy ) and update existing training manuals;
  • Develop a series of core training modules on the practical dimensions of gender responsive and safe environment for Girls and Boys Education;
  • Facilitate gender training for GCR Project Team to increase gender sensitive materials development skills;
  • Propose new gender sensitive strategies, tools and material to reach out and cater effectively to beneficiary girls and boys.


  • Report (One (1) hard copy and electronic copy) of the main findings and key recommendations for issues to be included in the existing documents to be revised.  The report should take into account the interviews/ consultations carried out with the project team;
  • Curriculum and training manuals for teacher counsellors and school council representatives including supporting manuals;
  • Revised practical guidelines for sessions of gender norms for referred groups.

Qualifications, Experience and Competences Required

  • At least five (5) years of experience progressively responsible materials development with a special focus on gender.  Preference will be given to experts with experience of working on gender responsive programming in development and/or Girls Education/School Safe Environment settings;
  • Practical experience working with US Agencies and local NGOs;
  • Proven experience combining formal expertise on gender mainstreaming and gender equality with experience of applying these concretely to specific Education, Child Protection, SRHR programmes sectors, plans, policies and business processes;
  • Proven experience leading Action Learning processes, developing gender training tools, and delivering trainings on gender-responsive programming;
  • Masters or Advanced Degree in a related subject area. Ability to communicate ideas in a manner conducive to their practical application;
  • Fluency in English and Portuguese required;
  • Time Frame 21 days. 

Qualified candidates are requested to submit a technical and financial proposal and CV, to email: [email protected] by  21st June 2017.

Note: Financial proposal must include transport and accommodation cost.