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Pastry Chef

Diamonds Mequfi Beach Resort Tempo Inteiro  Cabo Delgado Province, Moçambique 3 jul 2018

Descrição da Oportunidade Profissional


  • Pastry chefsare in charge of the baking aspect of kitchens and restaurants, delivering cakes, breads, and any bread based components to meals;
  • Pastry chefs work with a team of bakersand cooks to prepare, bake and decorate their food, and must keep their team organized, stocked and motivated;
  • Pastry chefs work with a restaurant’s head chef to pair breads and desserts, order supplies, and hire staff;
  • Pastry chefs also create recipes or follow existing ones, using a creative flair to their craft, but all the time maintaining records, ordering food, and enforcing food safety standards.


  • Pastry chefs are often in charge of creating new and innovative breads and desserts that will bring in customers. Knowledge of ingredients and how to use them in a creative way will serve you well;
  • Pastry chefs are in charge of the pastry staff of a kitchen. Being a good leader, who can assign tasks, hire the right people, motivate workers in a high stress environment will help immensely;
  • Pastry chefs work with knives, icing bags and other precision tools and must have excellent technique when cutting and preparing food. Hand-eye coordination is needed;
  • Pastry chefs are the last line of defense to make sure each piece of food is safe, prepared correctly and tasty;
  • Kitchens get busy quickly, food can get ruined easily if you cannot manage your time. Great time management will help you avoid burned or spoiled food and angry customers;
  • Pastry chefs must understand the restaurant business. This means balancing expenses with profits, managing staff, minimizing waste, and more.


  • Depending on experience and qualifications.

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